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G20 game

social, video games, web
brand: MoFA, agency: zed communications


The G20 is a forum for the leaders of twenty of the world’s most important and fastest growing economies. Each year, the group invites five additional countries. In 2011 the UAE was invited to take part for the first time. In this occasion, Zed Communications approached us to create a game to be featured on the first official Arabic language website on G20.


The brief was to develop an economy simulation of a virtual country, thus educating the player about the decision making processes executed in a government. In case we could create a realistic economy simulation within the timeframe of a middle eastern marketing campaign, only a very few people would play with it and we would be awesomely rich.


Instead, we tried to create a game which is based on a real economy and as enjoyable as possible. This game mechanics is set into a graphic environment which follows real examples of typical buildings in the region, delivering the player a familiar feeling.
Give it a try on the UAE G20 website!
Initial layout distribution design
“Civil Defense Phase 1” concept
“Hospital Phase 3” concept
Initial massing model test-render
Environment and texture test-render
Language selection menu
Arabic tutorial section
Arabic menu sample