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Commercial office building with 120 offices, 1600 visitors per day. This building offered 40000 sqm office and 15000 sqm retail space which needed a state of the art working environment.


In cooperation with the client and the architects, the goals of a project are determined during the concept and preliminary design phase. sentiomedia determines the technical requirements of the low-voltage systems, control systems, computer networks, unified communication equipment and aligns these with the demands of the building in question.


To achieve the highest possible efficiency, our team establishes planning interfaces with all external technical teams as early as possible. During the process of this coordination work, the planning team can produce a technical room schedule which specifies the exact requirements of each space or room.

High priority factors during the planning process include adherence to the budget, the time schedule and the specified quality. Our team sets milestones – predetermined intermediate goals at specific points in time – during the planning and execution process and ensures that they are fulfilled. Additionally, highly developed software enables continual control of costs. All cost estimates and calculations are based upon detailed, current prices, which ensure greater accuracy and reliability of the cost estimates.