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shape game

apps, case studies, touch-screen, video games
brand: volkswagen, agency: eleven cs


Volkswagen’s regional office asked us to provide interactive applications to support their brand awareness campaign in the GCC.


Since the goal was to introduce the product and the brand for the audience, especially for families, we were looking for a playful idea to show and teach the visual attributes of the cars. After a quick research we realized that VW releases mini games in almost every quarter, but the vast majority of them were racing games. We were looking for something more interesting and informative.


An interactive application, which provides surprise and instant reward for the user. At first there is only a ball of strings visible to the player, but as they try to figure out what it can be with the help of their mouse, the strings slowly take shape along the lines of an actual VW car. When the player successfully finds the underlying shape, a photo is shown of the same car model as a reward and brand repetition.